Better late than never

22 02 2011

Guess it’s time for a new post, it has been a while…

I took most of the start of this month off of cash games and studied up a good bit and changed up my game a bit.  So far it has been more than successful and I hope it continues to go well for me.

I haven’t quite been able to put in the volume I want, up until tonight, but I hope to change that soon.

So far this month, I’ve been running at 4.5BB/100 hands, but I don’t expect to be able to hold that winrate. I feel I will be able to hold between 2 and 2.5BB/100 hands in the longterm at 50NL rush.

The month so far at 50NL:

Good start to the month

1 02 2011

On Sunday I decided to play some mtts on Absolute, and Full Tilt.  I ended up only cashing in one mtt out of both sites and that was for $19 and change.  I believe I ended down about $350 on the day.

Now that it’s a new month I’ve decided to get back on the grind of cash games instead of tournaments.  Today I played for about 4.5 hours, 6 tabling .25/.50NL 6max on RPM, and 2 tabling .25/.50NL 6 max rush on Full tilt.  The day started off great on both sites, then got a little shaky but still ended up being a really good day.

Full Tilt:  3016 hands,   +$130.50,    +$17.77 rakeback,  TOTAL PROFIT= +$148.27

RPM:  2138 hands,  +$137.31,  +$$26.86 rakeback,  TOTAL PROFIT= +$164.17

New site

29 01 2011

After my recent scores on Absolute, I decided to cash out $1,000.  I was looking around and found a 100% first time deposit bonus up to $500 for a site called RPM poker, on the Merge network.  I decided to deposit the full $500 to try and take advantage of the full bonus.  I have until March 31 to clear the bonus.  I don’t think I will be able to clear all $500, but luckily it is released in $10 increments.  I need to clear 37,500 VIP points to unlock the full bonus.  On their site, for every $1 you pay in rake, you earn 10 VIP points.  After crunching some numbers, I will need to pay $3,750 in rake to earn the full bonus.  With the small traffic on the site, I’m hoping to clear at least $300 of the bonus, which means earning 22,500 points(paying $2,250 in rake).  As long as I can at least break even playing over the next two months or so, paying that in rake, will earn me an additional $787.50 in rakeback, so I would make almost $1,100 on top of any profit or loss in that time.

Tonight was my first session, I played for just under two hours.  I played a little bit of everything, some .25/.50 NL Holdem, some .10/.25 PL Omaha, some $10+.80 double up sngs, and some $10+1 super turbo sngs.  Below are my results

Sit n gos: -$16.00

50NL: +$71.66

25PL omaha: +$49.59

Overall so far, I find the Merge network to be pretty soft.  I probably would have shown a profit for sngs tonight but lost with KK to AK twice, once on the bubble.  Hopefully I continue to run decent on this site on my quest to clear the $500 bonus.

Good start

27 01 2011

Just finished up those 4 tournaments and it turned out pretty well.  I got a little unlucky in the two Full Tilt tournaments to bust.  One was set vs set on the flop, and the other was 9 10 vs JJ all in on a 5 9 10 flop, and the turn paired the 5 and countered my two pair.  Luckily I cashed in the one for $19.98.  The $20+2 on Absolute I was down to 10 bets and got it in pre with 88 and ran into AA.  The $50+5 however I managed to get 3rd out of 76 for $513.  I got it in pre with 88 vs QJs and the flop came Q 3 Q and no help on the turn or river for me.  Still all around a very good start to the day.

Rough start with a good ending

27 01 2011

Yesterday I decided to play some super turbo sngs on Full Tilt.  I had a good bit of success in these in the past, but the variance is much greater than other tournaments.  Well between a mix of 10’s, 20’s and a few 30’s, I managed to cash in only 5 of my first 25 sngs or so, which led to a $450 downswing.  I moved back down to strictly 10’s and grinded back $150 of my losses.  Later last night I decided to hop on to Absolute and see what tournaments were going off.  I found a $30 turbo mtt that I decided to join, and a few hours later I take it down for $1500 out of 190 entrants.  Only bad part was that I was halves with a friend, so I only got $750 out of it but still a great win.

Today so far I am in a 1k guarantee ($20+2), and a 3k guarantee($50+5) on absolute.  Also in a 20k guarantee ($10+1 one rebuy, one addon), and a 25k guarantee($10+1 rush) on Full Tilt.  I will post the results tonight with any other tournaments or cash that I play today.

$24+2 MTT

26 01 2011

Well I just finished up my final tournament of the night.  The tournament had 4523 entrants and 450 got paid.  First place prize money was $21k…. I managed to get 276th for $59.70.  I couldn’t catch any luck towards the end where I lost a 40k pot with JJ vs KK when the average stack was only 20k.  I also lost two decent pots towards the very end that if I won, I would still be average stack or above average stack as I type this (AQ vs AT, river 10.. and TT vs 33, river 3).  At least I cashed and got some money out of it.

Tournament Update

26 01 2011

Alright… 2 and a half hours into the 20+2 sniper on absolute I run into this hand…  It folds to the sb who completes to me and I check… I flop middle pair, an open ended straight draw, and the straight flush draw… the turn worried me, but then the river made me think I had the hand won… guess I was wrong.  I am still in the $24+2 on full tilt though so hopefully I can cash in that one.


Dealt to UPNCOMING1 [10s 9s]





___BUDDHA___ – Folds




*** FLOP *** [8s 10d Js]


UPNCOMING1 – Bets 850


*** TURN *** [8s 10d Js] [Jh]


UPNCOMING1 – Bets 2,225

JERRYSWORLD – Calls 2,225

*** RIVER *** [8s 10d Js Jh] [Jc]


UPNCOMING1 – All-In 7,384

JERRYSWORLD – Calls 7,384

*** SHOW DOWN ***

UPNCOMING1 – Shows [10s 9s] (Full house, jacks full of tens)

JERRYSWORLD – Shows [Qc Jd] (Four of a kind, jacks)

JERRYSWORLD Collects 22,718 from main pot

New Start

26 01 2011

I’m only a few days into this blog and I’m already changing directions… This month I have ran horribly in cash games, and it has been mentally draining.  I have decided to switch over to sit n go’s for the time being and if all goes well I will continue to play these for a while.  I started out well today and then ran horribly towards the end to not show much profit on the day.

I played 43 $11+1’s, and 21 $22+2’s for a profit of $12.90 plus $22.95 in rakeback for a total profit of $35.85… better than nothing.

I am now going to play a $20+2 10k guaranteed sniper tourney on absolute poker, and a $24+2 70k guarantee tournament on Full Tilt… Hopefully I do well so I have something to post about when I’m finished.

Session 1

23 01 2011

First session is in the books.  I played 3 tables of 25NL rush, and 2 tables of 50NL rush.  The session started off pretty rough with a cooler (flush over flush), and a 3 outter (66 vs A5 in preflop).  I kept my head on straight and it turned around with a little luck on one hand where I flopped top pair/top kicker and the nut flush draw, got it in on the flop and he ended up having bottom set.  I turned a gutshot and then rivered the flush.

50 NL

673 hands, $3.90 profit


25 NL

992 hands, $3.37 profit



1.5 hours,   1665 hands, $7.27 profit + $6.45 rakeback

To Date:  1.5 hours,   1665 hands, $7.27 profit + $6.45 rakeback

Today is the start

23 01 2011

Today will be the start of my blog.  I will play a short session this morning, and then will probably play a longer session later this evening.  Also I will be playing a $15,ooo freeroll on Absolute Poker through the rakeback site I have.

I have decided to mix 25NL and 50NL at the start of this blog.  As I progress as a player, and as long as the bankroll follows, hopefully I will move up to strictly 50NL in a week or so.