Rough start with a good ending

27 01 2011

Yesterday I decided to play some super turbo sngs on Full Tilt.  I had a good bit of success in these in the past, but the variance is much greater than other tournaments.  Well between a mix of 10’s, 20’s and a few 30’s, I managed to cash in only 5 of my first 25 sngs or so, which led to a $450 downswing.  I moved back down to strictly 10’s and grinded back $150 of my losses.  Later last night I decided to hop on to Absolute and see what tournaments were going off.  I found a $30 turbo mtt that I decided to join, and a few hours later I take it down for $1500 out of 190 entrants.  Only bad part was that I was halves with a friend, so I only got $750 out of it but still a great win.

Today so far I am in a 1k guarantee ($20+2), and a 3k guarantee($50+5) on absolute.  Also in a 20k guarantee ($10+1 one rebuy, one addon), and a 25k guarantee($10+1 rush) on Full Tilt.  I will post the results tonight with any other tournaments or cash that I play today.



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