Good start to the month

1 02 2011

On Sunday I decided to play some mtts on Absolute, and Full Tilt.  I ended up only cashing in one mtt out of both sites and that was for $19 and change.  I believe I ended down about $350 on the day.

Now that it’s a new month I’ve decided to get back on the grind of cash games instead of tournaments.  Today I played for about 4.5 hours, 6 tabling .25/.50NL 6max on RPM, and 2 tabling .25/.50NL 6 max rush on Full tilt.  The day started off great on both sites, then got a little shaky but still ended up being a really good day.

Full Tilt:  3016 hands,   +$130.50,    +$17.77 rakeback,  TOTAL PROFIT= +$148.27

RPM:  2138 hands,  +$137.31,  +$$26.86 rakeback,  TOTAL PROFIT= +$164.17



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1 02 2011

Nice day sir

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