New Start

26 01 2011

I’m only a few days into this blog and I’m already changing directions… This month I have ran horribly in cash games, and it has been mentally draining.  I have decided to switch over to sit n go’s for the time being and if all goes well I will continue to play these for a while.  I started out well today and then ran horribly towards the end to not show much profit on the day.

I played 43 $11+1’s, and 21 $22+2’s for a profit of $12.90 plus $22.95 in rakeback for a total profit of $35.85… better than nothing.

I am now going to play a $20+2 10k guaranteed sniper tourney on absolute poker, and a $24+2 70k guarantee tournament on Full Tilt… Hopefully I do well so I have something to post about when I’m finished.


Session 1

23 01 2011

First session is in the books.  I played 3 tables of 25NL rush, and 2 tables of 50NL rush.  The session started off pretty rough with a cooler (flush over flush), and a 3 outter (66 vs A5 in preflop).  I kept my head on straight and it turned around with a little luck on one hand where I flopped top pair/top kicker and the nut flush draw, got it in on the flop and he ended up having bottom set.  I turned a gutshot and then rivered the flush.

50 NL

673 hands, $3.90 profit


25 NL

992 hands, $3.37 profit



1.5 hours,   1665 hands, $7.27 profit + $6.45 rakeback

To Date:  1.5 hours,   1665 hands, $7.27 profit + $6.45 rakeback

Today is the start

23 01 2011

Today will be the start of my blog.  I will play a short session this morning, and then will probably play a longer session later this evening.  Also I will be playing a $15,ooo freeroll on Absolute Poker through the rakeback site I have.

I have decided to mix 25NL and 50NL at the start of this blog.  As I progress as a player, and as long as the bankroll follows, hopefully I will move up to strictly 50NL in a week or so.

Hello everyone!

22 01 2011

My name is Shane and this blog will be about my journey through the limits of online poker.  I will be starting with a bankroll of $2,000 and will be playing mostly 25 NL, 50NL rush poker, and some MTTs.

My goal is to move up through the limits this year while using proper bankroll management.  I hope to be playing 200NL by the end of the year with a bankroll of no less than $10,000.

On this blog I will be posting daily poker session details of profit/loss, graphs, and some hand histories.